The latest game that sparked controversy in the online community featured Kim Kardashian’s son walking onto the field while holding hands with well-known football player Lionel Messi.

The image of billionaire Kim Kardashian’s son holding hands with famous player Lionel Messi as he walked onto the field in the latest match made the online community discuss the “advantages of rich children”.

Recently, the son of female billionaire Kim Kardashian – boy Saint West (8 years old) – was assigned the position of the little brother holding hands with famous player Lionel Messi to step onto the field, in the match between the two clubs LA Galaxy and Inter Miami. The match took place at Dignity Health Sports Park, Los Angeles, USA, last Sunday night.

The children holding hands with the players walking onto the field all live in Los Angeles – where the match took place. Kim Kardashian shared on social networks a clip of her son holding Messi’s hand on the field and commented: “Saint held Messi’s hand on the field in the LA Galaxy match against Inter Miami. I am living my dream.”

Billionaire's son held Messi's hand on the field, causing controversy in the online community - 1

Recently, billionaire Kim Kardashian’s son – 8-year-old Saint West – was assigned the position of the little brother holding hands with famous football player Lionel Messi and walking onto the field

Kim’s move has caused the online community to debate about the advantages and special treatment for “rich children”. Many netizens believe that because he is the son of a female billionaire, Saint has this special position.

However, not everyone agrees with such a negative view. Many people believe that those who criticize Kim Kardashian have a short-sighted perspective surrounding a story.

A netizen spoke up to defend Kim and received a lot of response: “Those who make ugly comments are the ones who don’t understand. If you are a parent, you will understand that something good can be done.” beautiful for your child, helping your child to be happier, happier, inspired to make more efforts, you will definitely do it. Kim can do it, so why doesn’t she do it?”.

Saint loves football very much. Kim Kardashian shared many special things she can do for her son to encourage his love for soccer.

A billionaire's son held Messi's hand on the field, causing controversy in the online community - 2

Kim arranged for her child to go on the field to watch Messi’s first match live in an Inter Miami shirt (Photo: Page Six).

The female billionaire's son held Messi's hand on the field, causing controversy in the online community - 3

Saint had the opportunity to personally meet and ask for an autograph from famous player Cristiano Ronaldo (Photo: Page Six).

For example, right when Messi came to play in the US and created a widespread fever in the country of flags, Kim arranged for his child to go on the field to watch Messi’s first match live in an Inter Miami shirt. The boy Saint also met his idol at this event. When sharing about this experience of her child, Kim wrote on social networks: “This is one of the most wonderful days of my life.”

Kim Kardashian encourages her children to pursue their own passions and interests. For young Saint, passion is for sports, especially football. Kim has taken Saint abroad many times to watch friendly football matches. Here, the boy has the opportunity to personally meet his favorite players.

When clubs go to friendly matches, the players usually have a more relaxing schedule, and they also have a better mentality for exchanges and meetings. Understanding that, Kim has taken his son many times to meet his idol in friendly matches.

For example, in July 2023, she took Saint to Osaka, Japan, to watch a friendly match between clubs Al-Nassr and Paris Saint-Germain. Here, Saint had the opportunity to personally meet and ask for autographs from two famous players of the two clubs, Ronaldo and Neymar.

The female billionaire's son held Messi's hand on the field, causing controversy in the online community - 4

Female billionaire Kim Kardashian with her four children (Photo: Page Six).

Sharing with the media, Kim said her son loves football very much and that he is the reason why she decided to go to the field to watch some football matches live: “When I was in school, I also played Soccer is an extracurricular sport activity that I passionately pursue for 5-6 years. I usually hold the position of goalkeeper or center striker.

I have some knowledge about football and I’m not bad at playing football. I love football and I’m happy to see my son loves football. That’s what my mother and I have in common, we can go watch football together and excitedly watch a match. My son’s idol is now number 10 of the Inter Miami club.”

Kim Noel Kardashian (born 1980) is a businesswoman and famous figure in American showbiz. She began to gain media attention after becoming a friend and style expert for singer Paris Hilton.

Kim especially attracted attention after the leak of a “hot” clip in 2007. This clip was recorded by Kim in 2003 with her boyfriend at the time – male singer Ray J.

Immediately after this incident, Kim and her family launched the reality TV show  Keeping Up with the Kardashians  in 2007. This program aired until 2021 before stopping.

The success of this program has led to the implementation of a number of other reality shows revolving around members of the Kardashian family, including the show  The Kardashians  airing from 2022 to present.

Kim is an influential figure on social networks with hundreds of millions of followers on Twitter and Instagram. Initially, Kim started her business by opening a chain of fashion stores with her sisters from 2006 to 2018.

Later, Kim continued to get rich and build a “billion dollar” fortune from the fashion and cosmetics business. Kim launched the KKW Beauty cosmetics line in 2017. This brand is estimated to be worth more than 1 billion USD, as of 2021.

Kim launched the Skims body-shaping lingerie product line in 2019, with a brand value of more than 4 billion USD by 2023. In 2022, Kim launched the skin care product line Sknn By Kim .

Kim also tried her hand at acting, including some films such as  Disaster Movie  (2008),  Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor  (2013),  American Horror Story  (2023)…

Experts and the public both see Kim Kardashian as a typical example of the concept of “famous just for… being famous”, because she did not have any significant talent at the time she first became known. next. But Kim is good at taking advantage of the attention paid to her to open up opportunities to get rich and continue to increase her influence.

As of 2022, Kim’s estimated wealth is about 1.8 billion USD. She is currently pursuing the path of becoming a lawyer. The relationship between Kim and her ex-husband – rapper Kanye West – has been attracting media attention. This marriage lasted from 2014 to 2022. They have 4 children together

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