The deeper significance of Angelina Jolie’s tattoos

Angelina Jolie is a tattoo addict. However, Angelina doesn’t just get tattoos for fun. Each tattoo has a deep personal meaning for her.


Geographic coordinates on the left arm

Angelina Jolie loves her children very much. She has tattooed on her arm the geographical coordinates of the locations where her children were born or adopted. The coordinates are read as follows:

N 11º 33′ 0″ E 104º 51′ 00″ – that is Phnom Penh, Cambodia. This is the hometown and birthplace of the eldest son Maddox.

N 9º 2′ 0″ E 38º 45′ 0″ – represents Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, where Angelina Jolie adopted Zahara.

S 22º 40′ 26″ E 14º 31′ 40″ – geographical coordinates of Swakopmund, Namibian. This is where she gave birth to her daughter Shiloh.

N 10° 46′ 0″ E 106º 41′ 40″ – represents Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, where she adopted Pax Thien.

N 43º 41′ 21″ E 07º 14′ 28″ – the French city of Nice, where twins Knox Léon and Vivienne Marcheline were born.

Line of Buddhist scriptures on left shoulder

Angelina Jolie dedicated this tattoo to her eldest son Maddox. She revealed that when she got this tattoo, she knelt down and prayed for her child.

This tattoo was done by Noo Sompong Kanhphaiin in a traditional tattoo way in 2003. He is a famous tattoo artist in Thailand. Later, he also tattooed many other tattoos for Angelina Jolie.

This is a tattoo with spiritual meaning, meant to pray for good luck for Maddox. The Buddhist scripture notes: “May all enemies stay away from you. Pray that the assets you create will forever be yours. And your radiance comes from the goddess Apsara, always attracting the protection of those around you.”

Line of Buddhist scriptures on the right shoulder


This is a Buddhist chant with the meaning of bringing blessings and prosperity. She got this tattoo in 2016 in Cambodia.

Temple in the middle of the back

The temple symbolizes peace, compassion, and charity. It reminds the owner to aim for good things.

Middle back tattoo

The tattoo in the middle of the back represents the 4 continents with 4 basic elements including: earth; water; fire; air. According to Thai beliefs, this tattoo is like a kind of amulet. It helps the owner avoid disasters and brings luck. In addition, people also believe that it also has the meaning of binding and connecting with a partner. Many women get this tattoo hoping to keep their partner.

However, after the actress got this tattoo around May 2016, in September 2016 the couple Angelina – Brad Pitt filed for divorce.

Bengal tiger tattoo on lower back


Agelina Jolie’s lower back has a tattoo of a Bengal tiger. This tattoo is meant to bring strength, protection and protection to the owner. It was tattooed in 2004 by famous Thai tattoo artist – Noo Sompong Kanhphaiin.

Tattoo on left arm

Angelina Jolie’s left arm has quite a few tattoos. On the wrist is engraved a sentence based on the ancient Viking runes. It represents the word “H”. This letter shared by Angelina represents her brother – James Haven.

In addition to the letter “H,” she also has a line from playwright Tennessee Williams, “a prayer for the wild heart, kept in the breast,” and a series of Roman numerals starting with XIII (number 13). . She then added V MCMX, making it May 15, 1940. That was the day that British Prime Minister Winston Churchill said: “I have nothing to give, except blood, work, tears and sweat.”

“Know Your Rights” tattoo


This phrase means “know your rights”. Angelina once said: everyone has rights, the right to education, the right to move freely. If you know what rights you have, you will be protected. As a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Jolie has worked with refugees around the world. Maybe that’s why she got this tattoo.

Tattoo for Brad Pitt

Jolie once removed the tattoo of her ex-husband’s name on her left arm. She then stated that “it’s stupid to tattoo a man’s name on your body”. But many years later, she herself got a tattoo dedicated to Brad Pitt. The inscription on the right thigh “Whiskey Bravo” is known to be dedicated to Brad Pitt.

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