The 15 Most Festive Holiday Nail Designs for 2024

With the chilly month of December suddenly in full swing and Thanksgiving only but a memory — the 2024 holiday season is officially here, with New Year’s Eve a fireworks-filled finale that’s only a few weeks away.

While many are curating glitzy holiday party ensembles with sequins, faux fur, and sparkling heels, it’s truly a statement-making festive nail design that has the unique ability to take any look to the next level.

Embrace Wintry Chromes
When it comes to the trending nail polish colors for winter 2024, nail experts recently told Bustle that icy pastel blues, glossy black, and shades of green are a few to watch. Just about every single manicure shade is getting a chromatic upgrade, too.

While “frosted” blue chrome nails are set to takeover the holiday and winter seasons, lots of other buzzy colors — namely red, black, and silver — are also perfect for an on-trend set of tips.

Holiday Nails For 2024
For Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s Eve, and beyond, here are 15 festive nail art ideas that are sure to make your tips sparkle this season.


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