Nothing is ruled out, Lionel Messi replied, leaving his Argentina teammates in suspense


Lionel Messi’s 2026 World Cup intentions are unknown to his Argentina teammates, with Leandro Paredes stating that he “wouldn’t rule anything out.”
At Qatar 2022, the eight-time Ballon d’Or winner inspired his nation to international renown, ultimately obtaining the coveted award. After finishing his medal collection and solidifying his position alongside legends such as Pele and Diego Maradona, Messi has maintained a cautious stance regarding his long-term international future.


Subsequent to his initial declaration that he would not participate in another FIFA flagship event, he has reconsidered that position. At the 2034 World Cup, head coach Lionel Scaloni hopes to see his talismanic captain continue to play, while Gianni Infantino audaciously predicted that Lionel Messi could do so until the age of 47.
Paredes remains silent regarding the thoughts of his illustrious compatriot, while others such as Angel Di Maria and Nicolas Otamendi contemplate the appropriate moment to conclude the matter. Midfielder Paredes of Roma stated to DirecTV, “Nico will remain with us for some time. Leo recently remarked, “He wouldn’t rule anything out if everything went smoothly and he felt comfortable with it.”

As Argentina approaches its Copa America title defence in 2024, Messi, who has accumulated 180 caps and 106 goals for the Albiceleste, remains a member of the Argentina setup pending his Inter Miami signing.

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