My Barcelona tattoo represents the club that shaped me – Lionel Messi

For obvious reasons, Lionel Messi’s nаme is currently frequently mentioned in sports news. His recent success in winning the Laureus Award is one of the main causes. On behalf of his native Argentina, the player accepted the World Sportsman and World’s Best Team of the Year trophies.

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The 35-year-old player’s unannounced journey to Saudi Arabia, which led to his ban by Paris Saint-Germain, brought him to the attention of the media as well. It seems as though he had a wonderful trip because he was able to connect with his family during his time away. On the other hand, the recordings of him having a good time while on vacation that appeared on the internet and became viral caused quite a commotion.

imageAfter his supporters became aware of his new FC Barcelona tattoo, the conversation over it on the soccer world reached a viral level. The fact that other individuals have their own hypotheses does not change the fact that there is another fundamental cause.

This is the real tale behind the FC Barcelona tattoo that Lionel Messi has.

Lionel Messi’s latest tattoo gained widespread attention as soon as it was revealed to the soccer community. Recent events resulted in the Argentine player having the FC Barcelona crest engraved on his left leg. It was because of this that rumors began to circulate about the possibility of a return to the Catalan side. On the other hand, he has a good purpose for getting a tattoo..

Barcelona all-time top goal scorers: Lionel Messi in league of his own | India

Not only does Messi have the number 10, but he also has a soccer ball and the Argentina shield tattooed on his body. It was finally time for him to finish the Barcelona tattoo that he had been preparing for the past two years. The speculations that online users had regarding his possible return to the La Liga team were quickly validated by those with internet access. On the other hand, this is not accurate because he had been getting his tattoo in separate pieces. The only piece that was not included was the Barcelona one, which he timed flawlessly. All of the other sections were included.

Consequently, the most recent tattoo he has does not indicate that he has returned to Nou Camp in a concealed manner. Instead, it is a motion that the attacker made in reference to the place where he used to hang out when he was younger. Simply put, the spectators have rarely seen the Argentine captain not wearing socks and shorts. This is something that has almost never happened. Fans began to take note to his leg as a consequence of this.

It’s possible that the rumors that he’s heading back to Barcelona will no longer be heard after this point. Even still, Al Hilal is anxious to sign the player from Paris Saint-Germain, which means that the rumors have not completely stopped. In reality, they have penned a contract that is really terrifying.


Al Hilal has made a considerable offer to Messi regarding a contract.

Despite the fact that the meaning of his tattoo has been disclosed, it is possible that the rumors concerning Barcelona will not go away. Messi has been presented with a big offer by Al Hilal, a Saudi Arabian corporation, despite the fact that Xavi may be eager to bring back his all-time great. The Middle Eastern team has shown interest in the well-known soccer player as a potential player.

On an annual basis, the Saudi Pro League team has made an incredible offer of 400 million euros to the player, who is 35 years old. He would then become the best paid player in the history of soccer, surpassing his former rival, Cristiano Ronaldo, who makes half of what he has been awarded. This would make him the highest paid player in the country.

Despite the fact that this is a fantastic offer from a financial standpoint, signing it would require giving up the conveniences of competing in European competition. Not a single statement has been made by either side. In addition, there has been no news on Messi’s future at Paris Saint-Germain, and as a result, it is not obvious where he will play when the season begins. Could you tell me what you think about Messi’s body art? Are you of the opinion that it hints at the possibility of a repeat visit to Camp Nou?

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