Motivating Quote Tattoos for a Lovely Expression

Quote tattoos are typically meant to encourage either the person getting it or anyone who comes into contact with it. In our lives, we will all have good and bad days.

When we are feeling defeated, these words of inspiration and motivation might restore our long-lost strength and confidence.

These are good words that become a quick source of inspiration and give that individual a lot of reasons to uncover their inner strength, whether it is to encourage the person who is wearing the tattoo or a person who is viewing it for the first time, or even both.

Some quote tattoos and their meanings


We rise by lifting others

This quote tattoo is a reminder that in order to move forward in life, you need to help others move forward too. Be kind, be nice, treat others right and help others.


I am more than the thoughts in my head

This quote tattoo is good for someone who lacks confidence in themselves and is full of self-doubt. You are more than the thoughts in your head that tells you you are not good enough.


Be patient, everything comes to you in the right moment

One very important skill that we all need to master in life is how to be patient. Rushing in life never gets you anywhere good. So be patient, and at the right time, everything will fall in place.


I belong deeply to myself

This quote tattoo reminds you that you are for yourself and you can do what makes you happy. You don’t have to live your life trying to make everyone else happy but you. You belong to yourself, take care of yourself.


I’ve got a new story to write and it’s nothing like my past

Everybody has something in their past they are not proud of. And whiles others might choose to define you by your past, this quote is telling you that you have the ability to write a new story today and it doesn’t have to be defined by your past.


In a world full of choices, I choose me

This is a very good quote tattoo that speaks a lot about being true to oneself. A lot of people are trying so hard to be what they are not just to please others and fit in. This quote tattoo is urging you to be true to yourself and always choose to be yourself.


Little and broken but still good

It doesn’t matter how bad things get or how broken and sad you feel inside, you always have to be the best version of yourself no matter what.


That is the way of things

One thing we can all agree on is that things never go as planned. You can have a carefully laid out plan and think of how you are going to execute everything to perfection but things are always going to be what they wan to be and that is the way of things.


No rain No flowers

Life can be downright hard sometimes and it can even seem and feel like it will never get better. This quote is a reminder that the hardships in life are only preparing you for something more beautiful.


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