Messi’s bodyguard team was honored with a special award

Messi's bodyguard team received a special award


Yassine Cheuko and his colleagues in Messi’s bodyguard team were awarded the “Best MLS Security Team” award.On Instagram with 296,000 followers, Yassine Cheuko expressed gratitude to Inter Miami Club and Messi for creating the best conditions for him to complete his mission. Since joining Inter Miami last summer, the Argentine player has not encountered any security incidents.

That shows the work efficiency of the bodyguard team, of which Yassine Cheuko is a key member. “The MLS best security team award is recognition for our work, thank you to the club, thank you to Messi and his family,” Yassine Cheuko wrote on her personal page.

imageThe security force that David Beckham hired has a total of 50 people with the task of protecting Messi and his family. Yassine Cheuko is Messi’s most trusted bodyguard, always attached to the 36-year-old superstar like a shadow. Cheuko’s mission is to protect Messi both on and off the field, but only within the borders of the United States. The former MMA fighter has no responsibility to protect his client when Messi joins the Argentina national team.

Yassine Cheuko has not encountered any special situations since protecting Messi. Only a few times did Cheuko have to promptly prevent aggressive fans from approaching the Argentine player. It is known that Inter Miami must pay a salary of nearly 4 million USD/year to Cheuko.

Possessing a guardian body, Yassine Cheuko also has diverse fighting skills. Messi’s bodyguard has a black belt in Taekwondo, is good at boxing and has competed in MMA professionally. Currently, Cheuko still practices mixed martial arts every day as her number one favorite sport.


There is a lot of information about Yassine Cheuko’s military background, to be exact, a former US Navy special forces soldier. However, Cheuko herself has never confirmed this. Meanwhile, some American veterans believe they have grounds to confirm that Cheuko was never a soldier.Christophe Freisenbruch, a former SEAL, posted on LinkedIn about Cheuko’s background. “If you are declared a SEAL veteran, your records will definitely be kept in the system. But the reality is that there is no such thing as Yassine Cheuko. The media is mistaken or this is simply a scam,” Freisenbruch, who currently heads a military medical technology company, affirmed.

It doesn’t really matter whether Cheuko is a soldier or not, what’s important is that Messi is guaranteed maximum safety when he has a muscular bodyguard by his side. At the present time, Messi and his family have returned to Argentina to enjoy the Christmas vacation. Therefore, Yassine Cheuko is also having rare free time for herself.

It won’t be until next January that Messi returns to the field with Inter Miami. David Beckham’s team will have an international tour against El Salvador on January 19 and Hong Kong on February 4, 2024.


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