Messi, with white hair and beard, received the FIFA The Best 2066 award

Messi with white hair and beard received the FIFA The Best 2066 award

Lionel Messi had his future mocked by Marca newspaper (Spain) after receiving the title of Best FIFA Men’s Player in 2023.  Leo Messi was officially honored as the best male soccer athlete of 2023 with the newly awarded FIFA The Best title.

The award immediately caused an explosion of controversy around the world, especially in Spain and Portugal with major press agencies mocking the Argentine striker for his newly won title.


MARCA – a long-standing and leading newspaper in Spain and Europe posted a photo on their official fanpage about Messi winning FIFA The Best in 2066 with a status line: “We are from future and we have news to offer you…”.Below MARCA’s post, fans commented a lot and the conflicting opinions sparked a big controversy.


“The attraction is so strong”, “And this trash newspaper calls itself the diary of all tastes, cry more”, “In 2066 you are also the newspaper of all tastes”.The best person always wins without having to cry, understand.”

“Don’t worry, he’ll leave now and we won’t be so suffocated by the dwarf anymore.”

“It’s driving you crazy.”


Above are the comments that received the most responses in terms of both agreement and disagreement in MARCA’s post.

Apparently, with FIFA explaining that Messi winning the title is decided by the number of votes from the captains of the national team, while the percentage of votes is received from 4 different sources, including coaches National team captains, national team captains, world football journalists and fans are very difficult to convince.

However, the title has been awarded and all controversy will forever remain a problem that is difficult to resolve, after Leo Messi’s The Best 2023 title.

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