Luis Suarez paid a final visit to Messi after the events of last weekend, following the news of his joining Inter Miami

The news that Messi would not be staying with Barcelona was announced on Thursday night, despite the fact that he had agreed to a new contract with the club three weeks earlier.

In an effort to get rid of Messi, Suárez paid him a visit in Barcelona.

Suárez visitó a Messi en Barcelona para despedirlo

Furthermore, supporters of Barcelona were left with spooky visuals of their cherished icon breaking down in tears during his goodbye press conference (which took place on Sunday).

Luis Suárez arrived in Rosario with his family and will celebrate Christmas with Lionel Messi. Here is a rundown of the details that can be found in the indumentaria of the Argentine captain, as reported by InfobaeKhông.On the spoločnej dovolenke, Lionel Messi and Luis Suárez are playing.

In spite of this, it was a pleasant surprise to see Suarez, Messi’s former teammate at Barcelona, arrive in Barcelona on Sunday. A emotional farewell is not required for every single goodbye.

Luis Suárez llegó con su familia a Rosario y pasará Navidad con Messi: el  detalle en la indumentaria del capitán argentino - Infobae

There were photographs that were posted on Instagram that showed Messi and Suarez’s family getting together at Messi’s residence.

Before Messi leaves for wherever he is going next, which is most likely Paris, Suarez flew to Barcelona to say goodbye to his close friend. Messi is leaving as soon as possible.

Lionel Messi a Luis Suárez na spoločnej dovolenke.

Through their time spent at Camp Nou, Messi and Suarez, together with their respective families, formed a deep friendship with one another.

At the same time that the two families were exchanging a photograph and, most likely, a few toasts to all of the joyful memories that they had made in Catalonia, many people were smiling.

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