List of beautiful mini tattoos for people getting their first tattoo

When it comes to getting a tattoo for the first time, everyone is probably wondering what image to choose to make a mark. Top 10 beautiful mini tattoos give you many great choices for your upcoming tattoo. Join 1984 Tattoo to find out and guess which image is loved by many people!


Choose a beautiful tattoo when getting a tattoo

Why should you choose a beautiful mini tattoo when getting a tattoo for the first time?

When getting a tattoo for the first time, everyone is eager to choose a beautiful and meaningful tattoo for themselves in their current life. Although there are countless tattoos of different sizes on the market, beautiful mini tattoos are the most chosen. Because they are simply small, pretty and adorable but still comfortable for you to express your personality.


Unique tattoos have their own personality

Many people also see mini tattoos as an accessory to enhance their beauty. Most girls love beautiful mini tattoos with many different designs. However, many men still choose to get small, trendy tattoos.


Lotus flower tattoo symbolizes sincerity

Mini tattoos are also suitable for any location on the body. If large tattoos are difficult to express on the fingers, hands, ankles or behind the ears, then mini tattoos are completely opposite. They make it easy for you to choose the location you want to tattoo. No matter where you are, this tattoo shows your sophistication and artistry.

Top 10 beautiful mini tattoos you cannot miss

Beautiful mini tattoos with unique characters or quotes that you love and choose when coming to 1984 Tattoo. Although they look simple, these tattoos are very difficult to go out of style and can be varied according to personal preferences. You can choose your favorite font from countless different fonts to describe your own personality.


Beautiful mini tattoos in the form of letters


Wishing for good luck through quality tattoos


Many beautiful fonts to choose from when getting a tattoo

Besides beautiful tattoos related to letters, numbers are also one of the most chosen types. Each of our lives is related to certain numbers that have eternal meaning such as birthdays, marriage days, children’s birth days…



Save memories with numbers

Others prioritize unique, personalized tattoos that have special meanings for their owners. Therefore, tattoo variations have become more interesting than ever. If you still can’t guess, take a look at the tattoo styles below!


Cool with personality tattoos


Express your Vietnameseness with tattoos


The image of a person wearing a conical hat is interesting



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