Lionel Messi’s story hardly has a fairy tale ending

There is hardly a fairy tale ending for Lionel Messi

The reunion that Lionel Messi is most looking forward to right now at Inter Miami is none other than the reunion with his former teammate at Barca, Luis Suarez. But this fairy tale ending is unlikely to come true as Suarez considers retiring after parting ways with Gremio.None other than veteran Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez was mentioned a lot after the end of the match between Gremio and opponent Vasco da Gama, which took place at 4:30 a.m. this morning (December 4) as part of the final round. in the 2023 Brazilian National Championship. Luis Suarez scored the only goal to help the home team defeat opponent Vasco da Gama with a minimum score of 1-0. Through this, Suarez scored a total of 15 goals for Gremio in the 2023 season, and also ranked 3rd on the list of top scorers in the 2023 Brazilian National Championship. Along with that, Suarez has contributed significantly to helping Gremio Finished 4th in the final rankings at the 2023 Brazilian National Championship, and won tickets to the 2024 Copa Libertadores group stage.

It’s even more remarkable that this is also the last match of the 36-year-old Uruguayan striker in a Gremio shirt. The majority of Gremio fans present in the stands paid tribute to Suarez through banners or slogans before saying goodbye to the former Barca star. With Gremio’s farewell, Suarez’s future naturally receives even more attention. In fact, information has continuously surfaced that Suarez’s destination after leaving Gremio will likely be Inter Miami Club in the American Professional Soccer League (MLS). Through this, Suarez will have the much-awaited reunion with Lionel Messi, his former teammate at Barca and also Suarez’s close friend. The prospect of the duo of Messi and Suarez converging on Inter Miami’s attack line in the next MLS season certainly makes a large number of fans, especially enthusiastic fans of Inter Miami, excited.


However, the expectations of Inter Miami fans are in danger of turning into disappointment through Suarez’s reaction after closing the last match in a Gremio shirt. Specifically, Suarez said that there is no guarantee that he will finish his career in MLS and no decision has yet been made on continuing to extend his playing career until 2024. Former Liverpool star shared: “I can feel the pain. My body is telling me that. I want to enjoy and decide for myself after a career that has spanned many years. I need to rest and enjoy life with my family. Then fate will know where my future lies.”

It is not redundant to repeat, in an interview, Gremio president Alberto Guerra said that Suarez had to inject and take a lot of medicine to maintain the opportunity to play. And that Suarez may even have to have his knee replaced if he tries to compete at high intensity. Perhaps the most bored person is the Argentinian star Messi when it is difficult to have a fairy tale ending in reuniting Suarez at Inter Miami and then hanging up their shoes together after months of playing on the field.

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