It can only be Messi, creating a revolution worth as much as a billion-dollar event on his own

It can only be Messi, single-handedly creating a revolution worth as much as a billion-dollar event


Since moving to the US, MLS leaders have repeatedly asserted that Messi’s presence has raised the level of the entire tournament as well as this football scene. Recently, MLS executive commissioner Don Garber once again mentioned the impact of M10.

Notably, this leader compared Messi’s charisma every time he appeared to the Super Bowl – the final match of the American football tournament NFL. This is the most anticipated annual event in American sports and is worth more than $20 billion.

“With Messi, every match he attends is like the Super Bowl, with the presence of celebrities and attracting global media. Messi’s entry into MLS has become a global event, raising the profile of our league.

The greatest player of all time chose MLS as the league he wanted to play in. What does that mean for the group of foreign players now watching MLS matches on a global platform who are watching what Leo did with Miami?

It was Messi who expanded and raised the level of the tournament’s presence on the scale. We are just starting to understand the value of that.” Don Garber shared with USA Today.


Obviously, Messi’s presence has helped both Inter Miami and MLS benefit, initially financially when match tickets and related products such as shirts and souvenirs are continuously sold out.

Furthermore, M10 is enhancing the image of the tournament in the eyes of the whole world, including the players. This may motivate more stars to choose to come to MLS later.

Coming back to Messi, he and his teammates will return strongly in the new MLS 2024 season with the goal of winning the championship. This time M10 will compete completely from the beginning, promising to make the tournament many times more explosive than the previous half of the season.

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