Feather Tattoo Inspiration: Symbolism and Style for Women


Feather Tattoos Meanings

Feather tattoos are very popular nowadays, as they manage to represent impressive things and have quite deep meanings. One of them is freedom, which is very attractive to people who love to follow their own ideas and be independent.

Next, we will show you a compilation of various meanings so that you know the best ones. Pay attention to each one of them!


What do feather tattoos mean?

Feather tattoos are very popular, and this is due to their harmonious aesthetics, as well as the possibility of linking them with different accessories, such as phrases or figures, which makes them look truly sublime and charming.

Among the various meanings they have, freedom stands out. This is because birds’ plumage allows them to fly, so the feather tattoo can reflect the desire to feel and live freely, or the search for freedom itself.


Feather tattoos also evoke the element of air, therefore, they symbolize intellectuality and the ability to communicate what we think. If you study careers related to communication, this tattoo is ideal to capture on your body.


There are many truly minimalist feather tattoos, managing to be even more delicate and discreet, but still looking wonderful. They look very beautiful in places such as the ankle, chest, arm or wrist, and you will be able to convey meanings such as simplicity and beauty.


Now, according to various cultures, feathers are very positive symbols, which can help you achieve everything you set out to do. If you are considering getting a feather tattoo, keep these things in mind.


Meaning of Tattoos according to their Type of Feathers

Below, we present the various meanings of feather tattoos according to the types of feathers. Among them, Indian feathers have a meaning related to spirituality.

In addition, there are also types of eagle feathers, which represent strength and bravery, symbolizing the strength of ideas. Peacock and owl feathers, for their part, represent intelligence, beauty and majesty.


Meanings of Feather Tattoos for Women

Feather tattoos are symbols of infinite flight, therefore, they are preferred by women. This means that, with this tattoo, women seek to represent freedom of ideas, courage and strength, as well as desires for independence.

There are many areas where this type of tattoo can look very delicate on women, some of them are on the foot, where they represent confidence, self-esteem and creativity.


On the neck, feather tattoos usually symbolize lightness and delicacy, which means that with a tattoo in this area you will be showing sensuality and femininity. On the other hand, if you decide to tattoo them on your arm, they represent firmness, courage and power, being ideal for strong women.




We hope that each of the information offered in this article about the meaning of feather tattoos has helped you define the tattoo you are looking for. If not, we hope you come back soon for more tattoo designs and find the one that’s right for you.

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