During the match against Inter Miami, the El Salvadorian boy’s dream of meeting Lionel Messi came true

During the match between Inter Miami and Inter, a young boy from El Salvador was able to realize his dream of seeing Lionel Messi. This was made possible by a report that was shown on Telemundo 12.

There is a tale that is written anywhere there is a soccer ball, and it is a story that football fans should know and that ought to be told.


In the municipality of Santo Tomás, which is located in El Salvador, we find the story of Levi Sandoval, a man who is a tremendous admirer of football and who has the power to captivate anybody who is familiar with his life and who watches him play.

Due to the fact that Levi suffers from Russell Silver Syndrome, which limits normal growth, the medical professionals provided him with a life expectancy of only six months when he was born.

The characteristics that make up his syndrome are that he is underweight and short. It has been four years since we have started administering the growth hormone to him, but he does not produce it on his own. The mother of Levi, Dulce María Sandoval, expressed that her son is a warrior, but that it has been a challenging journey.

After learning that his hero, Leo Messi, will be playing for Inter Miami in El Salvador against the Salvadoran national team, his heart began to beat at a strange pace. He was particularly excited about this news.

Levi Sandoval, el niño salvadoreño que cumplió su sueño de conocer a su máximo ídolo Lionel Messi - Noticias de hoy en El Salvador

During the match, he discovered that the Argentine star and he speak the same language, which is that of work and struggle owing to their stature. He stated that this realization was the moment that he began to admire the Argentine star.

“During a commercial break, they mentioned that Messi had a problem when he was a child that is the same one that I have had, and well, that’s when I started to admire him,” Levi added. “It was then that I realized that I looked up to him.”

His mother continued by saying, “Levi is very intelligent; he is going to the first year of general high school with a diploma in English this year, and he also serves our Lord Jesus Christ; he is a Bible school teacher at our school.” Levi is going to complete his high school education this year.

In an effort to make the young boy’s dream come true, the Sandoval family approached the event’s organizers in an effort to secure the opportunity.

According to Dulce María, “My son would ask me to meet Messi when he was playing for Barcelona, and I would tell him,’someday my love, God willing, I’m going to make his dream come true.’ However, I am thankful to God that the opportunity has come, and they are coming here to the country and asking them to assist me in making my son’s dream come true.”

This desire is really specific: “Being able to meet Messi even for a moment with him and take photos and have him sign my shirt,” said Levi. “It would be amazing to have that opportunity.”

Messi: sueños cumplidos, pulseras y magia en El Salvador

An aspiration that was realized

Following a report that was broadcast on our sister station Telemundo 52, Meta Show, a firm that is a member of the organizers of the Inter Miami match that was played on Friday, January 19, in El Salvador, made a commitment to make Levi’s dream come true.

In light of the fact that Levi Sandoval was able to realize his desire of meeting Lionel Messi, he will now be able to assert that there is no ambition that is so enormous that it is impossible to accomplish.

Canal 4. on X: "🥹️ Levi Sandoval, un joven salvadoreño del municipio de Santo Tomás, cumplió el sueño de muchos al acompañar a Messi en su entrada al Estadio Cuscatlán. Conoce su

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