Discover the 35 most meaningful tattoo designs for men in 2024

Tattoos express individuality. That’s why more and more people choose to get tattoos that represent their personality, call for good luck, or want to preserve something interesting and meaningful. If you also want to get a tattoo but haven’t figured out what to get, below are 35 meaningful tattoo designs for men to refer to and choose from!

Meaningful tattoo designs for men



Tribal tattoos

It can be said that up to now, the art of tattooing, also known as tattoo, has developed very well. Therefore, there are countless beautiful and meaningful tattoos specifically for men. Below is a collection of meaningful tattoos for men:

1. Meaningful tribal tattoos for men

Tribal tattoos have been around for centuries, as symbols of tradition, culture and masculinity. This type of tattoo is a great choice for guys who like masculinity and wildness. Tribal tattoos are usually inked on the shoulder or chest.

2. Necklace tattoo



Photo: Outsons

This type of tattoo is often chosen by strong, personable men. Although chain tattoos often make people think of being restrained and losing freedom, this is a unique and full of personality style.

3. Meaningful tattoo for men: Lion tattoo


Animal images can convey countless meanings, and lion tattoos are no exception. For men, this tattoo signifies leadership, courage and nobility.

There are many famous people who love lion tattoos, such as British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran or Justin Bieber – Canadian singer-songwriter.

4. Wolf tattoo


Wolves are one of the brave animals. This is an interesting tattoo that many men want to own.

The mighty wolf also symbolizes ritualism, loyalty, guardianship and instinct. You can get this type of tattoo on your upper arm, forearm or chest.

5. Owl tattoo


The owl is a creature of the night, evoking mystery, antiquity and a close connection to the moon. An owl tattoo offers subtle hints of mystery. If you are a mysterious gentleman, this is the most suitable tattoo idea for you.

6. Lucky tattoo for men: Dragon tattoo


Dragon tattoos are suitable for tattooing on the arms, back and chest. This is a symbolic image of men who are powerful and have divine strength.

7. Phoenix tattoo


The phoenix is a mythical fire bird originating from Greek and Egyptian legends. This animal rises from the ashes, symbolizing strong vitality and rebirth. This is a lucky tattoo for men, lasting for decades.

8. Meaningful scorpion tattoo for men


With sharp pincers and a poisonous tail, scorpions are the image of an unapproachable animal. This is definitely a mysterious and powerful tattoo for men.

9. Anchor compass tattoo


When it comes to top tattoo designs for men, the anchor compass is often overlooked. However, this is a tattoo that symbolizes peace, stability and marks finding a safe harbor. This type of tattoo is common on the arms, legs and shoulders.

10. Devil face skull tattoo



Photo: Artstation

Meaningful tattoos for men with a skull and demon face are a symbol of great authority and strength. However, this image is also a reminder that the owner needs to restrain themselves and overcome negative things in the past. The arms, back, shoulders, and chest are suitable locations for this tattoo.

11. Cross tattoo



Photo: Tattoolcon

The cross tattoo is one of the popular mini hand tattoos for men, especially Christians. This is a symbol of Jesus’ forgiveness and salvation towards human mistakes.

12. Arrow tattoo


If you don’t have an idea for a cool men’s leg tattoo, then the arrow could be a perfect suggestion. Referring to this image, we immediately think of the god of love Cupid. This tattoo is a symbol of love and loyalty.

13. Meaningful feather tattoos for men


At first glance, feather tattoos can be seen as quite simple. However, a feather tattoo can bring many layers of meaning. It is determination, boldness and courage. The shoulder, arm or calf are good places to get this tattoo.

14. Crown tattoo


The crown represents power, so this is a meaningful tattoo for men that you should not ignore. Conor McGregor – famous Irish athlete – chose to tattoo a gorilla with a crown in the middle of his chest because he simply loves this image.

15. Portrait tattoo



Photo: Theyou

One of the 7 most meaningful tattoos for men, chosen by many people, is portrait tattoos. This is a way to remember and honor someone special. Engraved their image on the skin is a way to preserve it forever.

16. Money tattoo



Photo: Wittyduck

As a symbol of ambition and power, money tattoos can be a breakthrough for strong men.

17. Rose tattoo


Roses are also one of the meaningful tattoos for men. Don’t think that only women should get flower tattoos. Because this is a tattoo full of symbolism. Even historically, rose artwork has surpassed many other genres and is popular with many people.

18. Family tattoo


What better way to show love to your parents, siblings, wife and children… than with a family tattoo? You can get a tattoo of a portrait or the names of family members. This must be an extremely meaningful tattoo.

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