Beautiful Shoulder Tattoos for Women

Beautiful Shoulder Tattoos for Women

1. Cute Little Bat Tattoo

2. Space Red Flowers

3. Small Shoulder Design

4. Octopus Tattoo Design

5. Leaves Growing On Shoulder

6. Outlined Floral Design

7. Amazing Mandala Design

8. Watercolor Sun Idea

9. Flowers Growing On Shoulder

10. Realistic Bees On Shoulder

11. Sun with Doves and Stars

Delicate Shoulder Tattoos for Women

The ideas below are perfect if you’re looking for something a little more delicate and feminine. I love being a woman. You can simultaneously be tender and strong. We are a vast collection!

16. Sun and Moon

17. Jellyfish Tattoo Idea

18. Mini Starfish Idea

19. Realistic Flower Tattoo

20. Star Tattoo On Either Shoulder

21. Vine Swirling Around Arm

22. Little Abstract Flower

23. Baby Cupid Idea

24. Abstract Watercolor Swirls

25. Black and White Blank Space Flower

26. Marbled Tattoo

27. Mini Floral Tattoo

28. Shell with Swirl

29. Baby Sheep Tattoo

30. Fern Swirl Tattoo

31. This black and white floral tattoo by VB Tattoo is gorgeous coming down the arm.

Since I genuinely adore 90% of the tattoo designs on this page, it makes me a little jealous that I only have two shoulders. The only thing keeping me from getting all of the tattoos is, in my opinion, their driving complexity and significance.

I prefer that the meaning behind my tattoos be significant to me. I’ll probably hold back for the time being. I hope you like my suggestions and now feel a little more at ease about getting a shoulder tattoo!

Why not continue the fun by looking at this list of shoulder flower tattoo ideas for women if you liked these shoulder tattoos for women.

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