Argentina had a practice session for Copa America 2024 with a match against Ecuador when they won 1-0 with Dimaria’s goal on the day Messi played more than 40 minutes and was quite lackluster

This morning, Argentina had a practice session for Copa America 2024 with a match against Ecuador. As a result, they won 1-0 on the day Messi played more than 40 minutes and was quite lackluster.

Thanks to Messi, Argentina still won the match photo 1

Di Maria scored the only goal to help Argentina win the match

Messi did not play in the starting lineup. Instead, Argentina placed their trust in Alvarez. They still use almost all of their best players, including Parades, Di Maria, Lautaro… in the hope of helping these players warm up before entering the journey to defend the championship.

On the other side of the front line, Ecuador also fielded their strongest squad and both played with the highest determination, not showing that they just wanted a friendly match in this match.

As usual, with a close approach and not afraid to make mistakes, Ecuador caused a lot of difficulties for Argentina . Many times, they made the reigning world champions unable to keep their composure and there were scuffles on the field.

The tense match continued until the 40th minute. In an excellent opportunity, Di Maria helped Argentina open the score. He received the ball in the penalty area and skillfully curled the ball into a dangerous corner, not giving the opposing goalkeeper a chance.

Thanks to Messi, Argentina still won the match photo 2

Ecuador played very fiercely, making it difficult for Argentina


In the second half, Messi entered the field. But with the lead and the opponent not being strong in attack, Argentina was not too determined to advance the ball. Instead, they advocate strict control of the game, passing the ball continuously to limit opponents’ attacks.


Ecuador tried very hard to win the ball. In fact, they controlled the ball in some stages, but when they entered the opponent’s penalty area, this team almost didn’t know what to do. The second half had only one notable situation, when Lautaro Martinez headed dangerously. Unfortunately, his touch was too light, so the Ecuadorian goalkeeper promptly caught it.


Messi’s impression in the second half was also quite lackluster. This is not surprising, because it is important for him to maintain his fitness before entering the tournament, where his Argentina is expected to continue to defend the throne.

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