Are you a Christian? If so, you’ll adore our list of the most beautiful praying hand tattoo designs

Are you a religious person? A lot of people love to get either a cross, a rosary, a bible, or a set of praying hands on their body. All of these symbols represent their faith as well as Christianity. Are you a Christian? If so, you will love our top 10 beautiful praying hand tattoo designs. Both ᴍᴇɴ and women can get a set of praying hands on their bodies, explore your options by scrolling down below!

Top 10 Praying Hands Tattoo Designs

1. Praying Hands Tattoo On Arm


Praying hands tattoos will look great once paired along with either a cross or a rosary detail. This black ink is perfect for ᴍᴇɴ who want something that stands out on their bodies. You can dedicate this tattoo to your mom & dad. If you like the meaning behind this image, stick with this tattoo.

2. Jesus Hand Tattoo Praying Tattoo


Praying hands with cross are great if you are a Christian. If you are religious you should get similar religious hand tattoos. A shoulder placement is a great idea, you can also pair it along with a clock, just a quick reminder that time is precious, and that you shouldn’t waste it.

3. Skeleton Praying Tattoo


Tattoos of hands holding can be done in this black ink, and in a skeleton tattoo design. This tattoo of hands stands for someone who has passed away, so you can dedicate this piece to someone who is not in your life anymore.

4. Prayer Hands Tattoo


A set of praying hands will look amazing on your shoulder. However, this tattoo will take you over 8 hours to get. If you have time & patience, give this one a go!

5. Hands Prayer Tattoo


Jesus hands tattoo is an interesting symbol to get. This is a piece of art that represents someone’s faith and is the perfect tattoo to get if you like realistic tattoo ideas, as well as designs that look real-life like.

6. Hand Prayer Tattoo Design


Praying hands tattoos would look amazing with a dove image. A dove is a symbol of free will, happiness, as well as an opportunity to travel in peace. This image on the forearm will suit guys who like bigger tattoo designs.

7. Praying Hands Tattoos With Rosary Beads & A Dove


If you dislike simple tattoo designs and you are on a search for the perfect giant sleeve tattoo, this is your choice. This image is filled with many different elements, such as a rose, an Illuminati sign, or even rosary beads!

8. Prayer Hands Tattoos


This tattoo shows faith and is also beautiful thanks to its colorful ink. If you like bright or light-colored images, and you also love roses, you will ғᴀɴᴄʏ this tattoo on your arm. This tattoo also stands for in God’s hands tattoo and looks even greater once decorated with the word love.

9. Praying Hands Tattoo Design With Rosary


Religious hand tattoos, as well as rosaries tattoos on hand, will look great once paired with black ink. Not only that, but similar tattoo ideas will also look lovely even once they start to fade. Stick with black tattoo designs, and keep in mind that color is not always a better solution.

10. Praying Hands Tattoo On Neck


If you are a fan of popular tattoos and you also love noticeable tattoos, go for this image. A pair of praying hands and a rose image will show faith, as well as a soft side that’s in you. Make sure you go for a smaller sign since neck tattoos shouldn’t stand out too much.

On That Note

Different bodies can rock different body tattoos. If you like a pair of praying hands, and you also believe in a God, why not go for this sign? It has a powerful meaning, and can also look great with some rosary beads, and across the image. Browse through these 10 designs, and dedicate it to your family, Christian religion, or your personal beliefs.

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