79+ beautiful and meaningful small tattoos for women collection

In recent years, tattoos are no longer a new topic; on the contrary, they have been warmly welcomed by young people with a friendlier look and gradually view tattoos as lifelong jewelry – which used to be a previous aversion. Nowadays, it is not something strange or surprising for a gentle girl to have a beautiful and suitable tattoo. From large tattoo designs stretching across the body to meaningful tattoos hidden under the collar, all bring different aesthetic effects.

Below are suggestions for beautiful tattoo designs for women, which will definitely be a source of inspiration for you to find ideas for your own tattoo.

Surely many people say: Girls with tattoos only play around. So should girls get tattoos? If a girl gets a tattoo, what kind of tattoo should she get, what words should she get, where is the best place to get the tattoo, and should she get it in a private area like Western girls? Tattooing is probably no longer strange to today’s youth thanks to its beauty, eye-catching designs as well as the trendiness it brings. On Facebook and Instagram, many young people show off their unique and artistic tattoos, which can be single tattoos, tattoos with friends, lovers, etc., making everyone admire and admire them. Tattoos are also considered a type of jewelry or a meaningful symbol for the tattooed person. Currently, Tattoo is a tattoo art that is accepted by many young people because of its uniqueness and meaning.


Many girls like to have a small, pretty image like the sun, moon, star or flower on their neck, arm, wrist… to show their personality, femininity and charm. However, many girls want to have a small tattoo but are still afraid of many things such as people’s prejudices about them, what their husband will think in the future… because many people still think: “Girls”. “Tattoos are just for fun” so I don’t know if I should get a tattoo or not?


In the past, tattoos were used to show social status, but today tattoos have become a trend to express one’s style and personality, and anyone can own one or several tattoos. tattoo.


Therefore, girls can absolutely own a small, beautiful or artistic tattoo if they like, but it also means that you have to be ready to face the following things to have a tattoo on your body. .

  • What should people with metal element get tattooed?

According to feng shui concept, choosing the right color for your destiny is very important because it brings people of the Metal destiny a lot of luck and convenience, they can do whatever they want, and when times are difficult they will meet noble people. support. Not only that, but your health is also better, you rarely encounter illness or disease.


If you have the Metal element, you should get a tattoo with bright tones and metallic colors because white is the color that belongs to your destiny. In addition, combine with brown and yellow tones because these are colors that bring prosperity (Earth birth). Needle). These colors always bring joy and luck. However, you must avoid taboo colors such as pink, red, purple (Fire overcomes Metal).


Feng shui tattoos for people of the Metal element should choose yellow, brown earth colors or bright white metallic colors which will be better for your career and fortune. Avoid other colors such as: the blue color of Water will cause metal to weaken because according to the five elements of metal and water, it will affect people with the metal element in the years of great disasters of the three disasters that they will encounter in life.


Tattoos suitable for the Metal element are carp tattoos, phoenix tattoos, elephant tattoos and chicken tattoos.

  • What tattoos are good for people with the wood element?

According to the concept, people of the Wood element are generous, generous, and often help others. They are very proactive people, do not like the imposition and control of others. They are smart and sharp, so they always aim for success.

Wood people are wise people, know how to maneuver things cleverly and easily please others. These are some typical characteristics of the Wood element group.

According to the five elements of mutual generation, the supporting element for Moc is Thuy, which means water. So in addition to small things to “keep water” with you like placing an aquarium at your desk, you can also choose another way by “buying” a tattoo that means water, fish or other things. object representing water. According to feng shui, “keeping water” close to people with the Wood element will help them be less hesitant in making their decisions, while also bringing better luck in their career and work. .

The colors that bring luck to people of the Wood element are blue, black, and gray because they symbolize the element of Water. Or the color of the plants themselves such as green, brown wood, etc. is also suitable for people of the wood element (Wood is compatible with wood).

  • imageimage


The most taboo colors for people with the wood element are golden yellow, white or earthy brown because these tones symbolize Metal and Earth – elements that are incompatible with wood.

Because Wood is compatible with Wood, tattoo designs of flowers, leaves, and trees will be extremely suitable. Suggest some wood element tattoo ideas such as bamboo, bamboo, pine, or chrysanthemum, orchid, apricot, peach,…


Because Water is compatible with Wood, tattoos about water such as the sea, ocean waves, streams, rivers, rain, water drops, etc. are the perfect choice for people of the Wood element.


Therefore, depending on each person’s personal preferences, they can find a model that is both beautiful and suitable for their destiny. There are no rules for where a tattoo should be placed on the body, but is completely based on each person’s preferences.

  • Which tattoo is suitable for people with fire element?

   If you have the Fire element, you should get a tattoo in red, purple, or orange tones. People of the Fire element often love initiative and excitement, so their lives are also positive and exciting. The colors of this destiny are inherently Fire tones such as red, orange, pink, bringing new energy to Fire people. The power of red is the power of awakening passions and wealth. Red is luck and happiness in the traditions of many countries, a symbol of romantic love in Indian weddings, and courage and enthusiasm for Westerners.



The most suitable colors for people of the Fire element are the colors of the Wood element: green. Burning wood gives birth to fire, meaning Wood gives birth to Fire. Therefore, green and blue are the ideal colors that people of the Fire element should use.


However, colors that are taboo for people of the Fire element are black, gray, dark blue, belonging to the Water element, overcoming the Fire element of the palace element, and are bad.


Tattoo themes you should choose: horse, snake, sun, peony…

  • What tattoos do people with the water element have?

People of the Water element are very emotional and very sensitive. With a gentle, sensitive, and skillful personality, people of this destiny are very good at understanding the thoughts of others. That’s why they are very good at communication and have very wide relationships.


Based on the five elements that support Metal and Water, the Water element is extremely suitable for white, metallic, and silver colors. Water is compatible with Water, so the Water destiny is also compatible with blue and black, which are my destiny colors. Note that Earth overcomes Water, so the Water element is incompatible with brown and dark yellow. Those are the colors of the earth, incompatible with Water. Combining these elements, tattoos suitable for the Water element are tattoos with themes of rivers, seas, bats, carp turning into dragons,… combined with blue, black, metallic, and silver colors.



  • Which tattoo is suitable for people with earth element?

According to the law of mutual generation and inhibition in feng shui of the five elements, the colors corresponding to the life of Earth are:

Light yellow: This color symbolizes abundant energy and intense vitality. This color makes your spirit more comfortable and relaxed. At the same time, this is also the color that symbolizes sincerity. Gratitude and respect for each other in the culture of Western countries.

Yellow-brown: This is the color associated with the color of the earth, symbolizing the Earth element. This color gives you a feeling of peace and security. Although this color does not stand out, it makes others pay attention because of its sophistication. Shows uniqueness like the personality of people of the Earth element.

In addition, people of the Earth element are also compatible with the following colors: Red, pink, orange, purple (corresponding colors of the Fire element). Because according to the law of mutual generation, Fire gives birth to Earth, so people with the Earth element will be compatible with the corresponding colors of the Fire element.

The color is compatible with people of the Earth element.

   According to the law of compatibility in the five elements, earth element should avoid choosing the following color combinations:

Dark green, sky blue, green: These are the colors corresponding to the Wood element. According to the law of compatibility according to destiny, people of Wood destiny are incompatible with people of Earth destiny. So if the Earth element uses the colors of the Wood element, it will not be lucky. Even unlucky. So people of the Earth element should pay attention to avoid these colors.

Determining the tattoo color that suits your destiny is very important. You should rely on compatible colors to choose meaningful tattoos and lucky colors.

Tattoos suitable for Earth element

   According to the analysis of colors compatible with the Earth element, people with the Earth element should get tattoos that are yellow, pink, red, purple orange… Because when you own tattoos with these colors, you will get lucky tattoos. and many good things.





At the same time, Earth element people should get tattoos with themes related to the Earth element. Such as topics about rocks, ceramics, and pyramids. Or tattoos with themes related to the Fire element such as the Sun, Phoenix, Sunflowers, fire dragon… These are tattoo themes that are compatible with the earth element.

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