33 Eye-Catching Liquid Tattoo Designs

We’ve spotted a tattoo trend, folks! Have you seen liquid tattoos yet? They’re the latest trend to take off in recent years. Unlike watercolor tattoos, liquid tattoos are less concerned with coloring outside the lines and more interested in lovely, organic, flowing shapes that seem to drip down the skin. Some liquid tattoos look metallic others look like black ink floating in space.

We’re onto this trend and we want to share it with the world! We took a look at some of the latest tattoos people are sharing on social media to find the hottest liquid tattoos that folks are showing off these days. We were pleasantly sᴜʀᴘʀɪsed to discover that there was no shortage of amazing tattoo designs to share with you! Okay, let’s take a dip!

Let’s Get Wet & Wild with These Liquid Tattoos!

Yellow & Black


Now, most of the liquid tattoos you will see on this list feature black ink but it’s not the only way you can go! See how the tattoo artist has married both black and yellow inks here? Contrasting colors like these make for visually interesting, striking tattoos!

Like Smoke


A great feature of liquid tattoos is that they are so organic in shape and understated that they often can look just as much like smoke as they do liquid. We find a delicate example in the tattoo above which stretches down the back of the leg.



Another great feature of liquid tattoos is that they make for excellent “filler.” Filler is a term tattoo artists apply to unfussy designs that can fill areas between designs to make your sleeve or block of ink look very full and interesting.

Dripping Off the Fingers


How fun is this design? The artist has taken the design down to the fingers to make it look like the ink is dripping over and off of the fingers. You could easily do something similar!

Big & Bold


Here’s a liquid tattoo that stands out next to the graphic elements of this person’s other tattoos. We find this one rather hypnotic.

Shape Up


Another thing we stumbled across several times are liquid tattoos that fit inside a shape. It creates an amazing juxtaposition between the severity of the clean, straight lines and the flowy nature of liquid. You will find more examples on this list!

Over the Shoulders


This is a commitment but it’s a truly remarkable tattoo that is both evocative and romantic. If you’d like some serious tattoo coverage, you might be very happy with something similar.



The person who shared the image of this tattoo described the design as a “talisman.” We’re not entirely sure what that means but we do know this design has cast a spell on us! Wow!



This is another one of the liquid tattoos from the same artist as the one above. They do some incredible work, right? This one borders on a watercolor tattoo design but we don’t care! We love it too much!

Swirling Smoke


Here’s another amazing design that contains tons of visual interest from the back of the hand down to the arm. This design reminds of topographical maps.

Seeing Stars


Here’s another example of liquid tattoos inside of shapes. This reminds us of those sand art crafts that children enjoy so much. This is such a fun design that we’re certain others would look great with something else like it!



We find a hand incorporated into this liquid tattoo that is truly a masterpiece. The pool below the hand is inside a perfect circle which helps to balance out the rest of the design.



Here’s another tattoo from the same artist as the tattoo above. It seems they ʀᴇᴀʟly enjoy mixing the abstract with the formal. We find a face hidden inside this splash of ink.

Make It a Sleeve


Here is proof that a liquid tattoo makes for an amazing tattoo sleeve. If you’d like something understated yet packs a punch, something like this would be absolutely perfect for your whole arm!Gold


Another thing we have seen a good deal of while researching liquid tattoos are metallics. We see a tattoo that’s designed to look like molten gold. Classy!



After seeing so many monochromatic designs, it’s refreshing to see a tattoo with such vibrant color. You too can have a swirling stream of a rainbow on your body.

Little Circle


It’s okay to not go huge with your liquid tattoos. In fact, this one proves that less is more. Again, we find the liquid elements of the design contained inside a perfectly neat circle.

It Fits


What a little charmer! What do you think about these liquid tattoos inside rigid shapes? We think it’s a match made in heaven.



How amazing is this perfectly symmetrical liquid tattoo? The design is organic but the overall shape makes us think of wings coming from the center of the back.

Let It Flow


This liquid tattoo ʀᴇᴀʟly stretches across a lot of ʀᴇᴀʟ estate on this person’s skin. We like the inclusion of all the little dots in this design.

More Liquid Gold


Here’s another drippy gold design because we can’t help ourselves, we’re attracted to shiny objects. The size of this one is notable as it is much smaller than other liquid tattoos on this list. If you’re looking for something small and cute, what are you waiting for?

Gray & Black


This design looks appropriately smoky thanks to the use of black and gray ink here. This is a very unique design that takes this genre to a different level. We’ll take a look at another creative application of the liquid effect below.



The person who shared this image explained that the design was inspired by Mandala designs. Notice how this design is comprised of a whole lot of dots which gives the tattoo a textured look. What do you think of this one?



Here’s another one of the liquid tattoos contained inside a shape. This time, we find swirling colors contained inside. a broken heart and some dazzling little teardrops.



This looks like an image captured by a telescope, doesn’t it? We love this colorful interstellar design with all of its undulating waves of orange, pink, purple, and blue.



This brilliant marbling effect looks so evocative next to the silhouettes of trees at the top of the design, like they are being sucked into a vortex of rainbow stone.



We showed you gold, now, it’s time for some silver. We love the look of these metallic tattoos so much. The application of a touch of white ink ʀᴇᴀʟly makes this silver shine.

Something Different


We wanted to present you with some examples of how liquid tattoos can be adopted into other designs for a ʀᴇᴀʟly cool effect. Take a look at how colorful tears seem to flow from the eye above. How wonderfully weird!



This classic statue looks like it’s melting! What a fun and interesting way to take these liquid tattoos to the next level!

Smoke Up the Obelisk


We’re not entirely sure what’s going on here but we think there’s an obelisk-type object obscured by black, liquidy ink. The placement and sizing for the wrist are perfect!

Back to Form


Okay, we don’t expect this level of commitment from most folks, but we felt obligated to share this perfect tattoo with you. Again, this is another one of the liquid tattoos that have been designed to look completely symmetrical. Taking the design all the way up onto the head was a choice! We think it totally paid off!

Smoke in the Water


You can’t deny the beauty that using good old black ink provides. We find another one of these liquid tattoos that stretch all the way down to the hand. This is a mini-trend among this genre of tattoos and we expect tons of people love this look.

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Here’s another one of the hybrid liquid tattoos that is truly something to marvel at. We find Wednesday Addams but she’s got a rainbow inside! The liquid rainbow is an amazing idea for a Pride tattoo or for anyone who just loves color.

There you go! We hope fell in love with some of these liquid tattoos and you will consider this trend the next time you get an itch for some ink. These designs are mostly abstract but you can feel free to ask your tattoo artist to incorporate them into other designs. Go wild with it! Now, go get yourself a tattoo!

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