30 Irresistible Glass Nail Designs For Fashionable Ladies

Bored of all the current trends and classy manicure styles? Well, if that is your case, try this new idea! The glass nail is a manicure design brought directly from Korea by artist Park Eunkyung. To recreate the look, use small cellophane pieces to create texture and shine on the nails. This technique will create a 3D effect that looks like the surface of a diamond. The results are stunning nails that we can’t take our eyes off.

Don’t believe us? Then check out these irresistible glass nail designs and see how gorgeous they are! These ideas are just too beautiful to ignore. Some are sophisticated and intricate, while others are simple yet glamorous. They share one thing in common, though: they’re all gorgeous. These nail designs will guarantee to turn you into the center of attention everywhere you show up.

Ahead are some of the prettiest glass nail designs for stylish girls. Surprise your nail technician the next time you see them with these ideas, or recreate them yourself if you’re confident about your skills. Let this be your inspo, and get yourself pretty nails!

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