215+ Stylish neck tattoos that you have to see

The Ƅack of the neck is an excellent spot for Ƅoth sɱall and large tattoos. You can also use the shoulders and the Ƅack to extend the tattoo if the design asks for it. It is proƄaƄly the ɱost discrete spot on the neck. The ɱost coɱɱon Ƅack of the neck tattoo designs are ɱandala, geoɱetric, and lettering.


Neck Tattoos Rose

Both traditional and neo-traditional rose tattoos are coɱɱon for the neck. Black and grey roses also look pretty cool on the neck.



If you are getting a single wing tattoo, then the side of the neck would Ƅe the Ƅest place to put it. Back and front of the neck is the Ƅest spot for douƄle wings tattoos.



A tiny cross tattoo fits perfectly on the side of the neck. If you are going for a Ƅigger cross they put it on the Ƅack of your neck.



Usually, ɱen get a single star tattoo on the side of their necks. Woɱen get ɱultiple stars on the Ƅack of their necks that extend to the shoulders.




Lips Tattoos on Neck


Small Neck Tattoos


Neck Tattoos for Men


Neck Tattoos for Women


After Care

Small tattoos heal faster than bigger tattoos. Just like any other tattoos, if you follow the below aftercare, then your neck tattoo will heal a lot faster.

Make sure that you keep the tattoo clean from the dirt and grime. Rinse it down in a nice warm shower with regular soap. Moisturize the tattoo daily, but don’t over-moisturize. Allow your tattoo to breathe. If you are wrapping it during the day to protect it from the dirt, then make sure to take it off at night time.

Do not expose it to the sun. If you are at the beach or out in the sun, then make sure to cover the tattoo. Also, make sure that you don’t scratch it when it’s scabbing.

Neck Tattoo Pros & Cons

Getting a neck tattoo is a big commitment. You will need to be strong enough to confront society and accept the ғᴀᴄᴛ that you will be judged negatively daily by the people around you. Neck tattoos are also considered as job stoppers. A lot of tattoo artists even refuse to do a neck tattoo if this is your first tattoo as they don’t want to be part of someone’s future regret.

Otherwise, neck tattoos are very cool. If the body is a photo album, then without a doubt neck is the cover page. It is your body, and if you want to get a neck tattoo, then you should get one.

Besides the face, the neck is probably the most visible part of your body. With neck tattoos, I can guarantee you that you are going to grab a lot of attention, which can be good and bad.

People have been decorating their neck from the early civilizations. The oldest form of neck accessories were made from shell, teeth, bone beads, feathers, seeds, stones, and other artful natural elements found in nature. In this blog post, we are not going to compare neck tattoos with necklaces but what we are trying to establish here is that decorating neck has been a tradition and not something new.

It’s so amazing how neck tattoos can radically alter your whole appearance. It also has the power to make or ruin the image that you have been trying to create. Choosing a tattoo design for neck is an important decision since it sits so close to your face. Everyone will notice your neck tattoo when you are meeting people for the first time. It is a part of your first impression and will always represent you. So, you must think carefully about choosing the design that will suit your personality and how you would like to express yourself in public.

So, if you are thinking about getting a neck tattoo, then consider all the ғᴀᴄᴛs above. A neck tattoo might look cool or have a significant meaning, but they also come with a lot of stig, a from society afterward. But then again, time is changing, and the new generation is more accepting of tattoos than the previous generations.

Neck Tattoos pain

Does a neck tattoo hurt? A tattoo can hurt for many reasons. One of them is the designs of the tattoo. Thinner lines hurt less than the bold designs that require shadings. It also depends on which part of the neck you are getting tattooed. The skin is thin on the neck. Because of the cervical spine, the back of the neck hurts ore than the rest of the neck.

Again, everyone handles pain differently and has a different pain threshold. So, the amount of pain felt when getting a tattoo will vary from person to person.

Neck Tattoo Placement

The entire neck area is actually an excellent place for getting tattoos. The neck is big enough to accommodate small and meaningful tattoos. It has a good amount of flat space for easily readable text or lettering tattoos. You can also incorporate a neck tattoo into the shoulder, upper back, or chest tattoos if you already have one and create a larger piece.

The neck area for tattooing is separated into four sections

  • The front of the neck
  • The Ƅack of the neck
  • Under the chin
  • The side of the neck

Designing a Neck Tattoo

The limited neck area does not allow for big tattoos, but the list of neck tattoo designs is endless. Most people usually get a neck tattoo after covering their arms, biceps, forearms, and legs first. That’s why choosing the right design for a neck tattoo is very important because it completes your entire look. Your neck tattoo should match and complement your existing tattoos. You will also need to consider the sections of your neck when you are designing your neck tattoo. The curves of the different neck sections can have an effect on the tattoo design. Always consult with your tattoo artist before putting the needle on your skin.

Neck Tattoo Ideas

Rose tattoos are probably the most common designs for neck. They look like they were made for the neck area. Besides the rose tattoos, there are few other designs that are popular among both men and women, such as wings, cross, tribal, lips, animals, stars, etc.

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